Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian brand known as Sportswear Company. Its two identifying souls are LAB and LIFE: the fact that the brand is able to discover continuously new materials and production techniques that are important components to create innovative fibers and fabrics. LIFE is the brands unique strong and recognizable aesthetic, it is the experience, the status, the identity of anyone who wears Stone Island. The story behind goes back to the 1980’s when Carlo Rivetti discovered the C.P.Company that was owned by Trabaldo Togna and Massimo Osti. The great culture of research, experimentation, function and use are the important characteristics that define Stone Island. The iconic garments are all personalized with a badge inspired by military insignia, a label held on by two buttons showing the Wind Rose. The compass symbolizes love for the sea and an aim of constant research. Exactly the things that set Stone Island apart and make the brand unique because of that special something that make the company so special as a clothing brand.