Back in the day.

Back then we were young, had many dreams and absolutely no clue about how to make them come true. It was 1989, we were complete beginners. With 33 square metres, our first boutique was as small as our seed capital, 25 million lire. On the other hand, the probability of failing miserably was high. But truth being told, our biggest asset has always been our passion. The passion for aesthetics, fashion and the passion for people. We were (and still are) in love with what we do. And as is often the case, with love you can achieve great things. And this love wants to be shared, it wants to surprise, awaken emotions, give joy, and create something very special. Buz love can also be demanding. But love can also be demanding. It requires hard work, perseverance, persistence and consistency.


Today we are a bit more mature but have the energy and passion of the first hour. We get to share our enthusiasm with a wonderful, strong and incredibly capable team. Today you can find us not only in Bressanone, but in a total of 11 unique fashion destinations throughout South Tyrol. Today, we can reach and advise fans and followers all over the world through digital means. Today, MAXIMILIAN is an international multi-channel company that inspires, surprises, enthuses and competently accompanies fashion lovers on all online and offline channels. Today we continue to be style pioneers, count among the most successful fashion retailers in Northern Italy and are far from the end of our journey.

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It's in the mix. It's in our mix.

Every product you find at MAXIMILIAN has been hand-picked with a lot of love and care by our experienced buying team and ranges from the big designer label to the small niche brand or studios. We place great emphasis on quality, design and style, allowing the uniqueness of each individual to be expressed. As pioneers of style, we are always one step ahead of the trends and never mainstream.