Summer heroes: Linen

Linen is the summer fabric par excellence and that is for good reason. As a matter of fact, this natural fiber has temperature-regulating properties. Its weave not only keeps out heat but also has a cooling effect. Linen is pleasant on the skin, absorbs moisture well and is not sticky, which is a real blessing on hot days. However, this miraculous fabric also has its shortcomings, as it is hardly stretchable and creases quickly. But when it comes to a stylish, summery linen look, wrinkles become only a minor, insignificant detail. We have wrapped up the most important care tips for you so that you can enjoy your lovely linen pieces for a long time.


Linen is a quite sensitive material, so a gentle wash cycle should be chosen, with a spin cycle of maximum 600 rpm, as the natural fiber needs residual moisture to dry. Linen is best washed with mild liquid detergent. The material is relatively insensitive to heat, but a washing temperature of 40°C is recommended for colored linen, although the advice is to always check whether the garment is made of pure linen or a linen mix.


For linen fabrics, drying in the fresh air is best, but direct sunlight should be avoided. It is recommended to hang the linen clothes on a hanger while damp. Linen should never be put in the dryer as this could damage the fiber.


Linen can be ironed slightly damp or with steam and with higher heat or at level 3. To avoid stains, the iron should be descaled beforehand.